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The Northern Cape is an outdoors enthusiast’s haven. With its teaming wildlife, unique flora, endless horizons and beautiful sunsets, all our visitors want to be part of it, not just look at it. The silence and solitude and relaxing atmosphere will stimulate not just the body, but the inner soul as well. Good Hope Private Reserve just outside Barkly West is the uncut diamond of the diamond fields in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The rich cultural and natural biodiversity of the area consist of the history of the early diamond rush.

Some found only despair and heartbreak, but others struck it rich!

Good Hope Private Reserve’s wildlife and surroundings will create an experience which will capture your imagination, refresh your soul and conserve our natural heritage. The river, hills and open spaces tell silently of old conflicts and the bush holds its secrets. But now the cry of the fish eagle echoes from the rugged krantzes and the veldt grass whispers with game peacefully grazing, where you too can return to nature.

Only 40 min from Kimberley and five hours South West of Johannesburg, this reserve is home to an abundance of animal and bird life, including one of the ‘Big-5’. At Good Hope, we pride ourselves with our professional, friendly and welcoming staff ready to attend to every guest.



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